Green Coffee Company S.A.S. is pleased to announce the update of its Personal Data Processing Policy in compliance with current data protection regulations.

This update reaffirms our commitment to the privacy and security of the personal data of our suppliers, users and customers.
The new policy reflects our ongoing efforts to ensure transparency in the use and protection of personal information.

The updated Personal Data Processing Policy can be accessed by clicking on this link

We value your trust in Green Coffee Company and reaffirm that we are dedicated to protecting your personal data in a responsible manner.

As of May 1, 2024 the updated policy becomes effective. Date of publication of the Update Notice: May 1, 2024.
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Maximizing the value of every Colombian coffee cherry

Welcome to the Green Coffee Company.
We are Colombia's largest coffee grower, and a leading provider of your Colombian roasted and green coffee needs.

We are Colombia's Largest Coffee Grower

Vertical integration and full control of our supply chain provide our clients with traceability and unmatched quality for Colombian coffee.

At the Green Coffee Company, we farm more Colombian coffee than anyone else.

With over 10,000 acres (4k+ hectares) of farmland and more than 11 million coffee trees, we own and operate 45 farms in Colombia, the home of the world's best coffee.

400+ Full-time workers are currently part of the Green Coffee Company.

La Cascada farm, Ciudad Bolívar, Antioquia

Complete vertical integration and full ownership of our Colombian coffees provide our clients with traceability and unmatched quality control.

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Learn more about how GCC’s Sustainability Strategy is setting a new standard in Colombia.

We pride ourselves on building an environmentally-sustainable and socially-equitable model of coffee production that truly delivers value back to the Colombian farmer. We think that our story will allow you to increase the value you deliver to your customers.

We work closely with international organizations to verify our work, and have built initiatives to improve employment opportunities for women, eliminate plastic in our supply chain, reduce our water use by 90% and much more.


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The Green Coffee Company has signed an agreement with Juan Valdez for the exclusive third-party rights to sell Juan Valdez-branded coffee in supermarkets and institutional retailers across the U.S. and Canada.

GCC and Juan Valdez expect to leverage the iconic coffee brand to sell coffee from Green Coffee Company's proprietary coffee supply growing on its over 10,000 acres of coffee farms in Colombia and from the coffee that GCC will buy from thousands of smaller surrounding farmers to be sold under the brand.

This agreement will help all participating coffee growers from all regions of Colombia to realize the value of selling products to retail and wholesale clients, rather than as pure commodity products, in the U.S. and Canada under one of the world's most recognizable coffee brands.


Green Coffee Company secures $8 million USD in sustainable financing from BBVA